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I’m Nykki, creator of 21 Cleanse, my proprietary blend, organic herbal cleanse system to rid your body of toxins.  My mission is to help you detox your body of harmful substances, rebalance your hormones and repair your gut so you can transform your health and make positive food choices. 

I am committed to providing therapeutic grade, organic herbal products (believe it or not, this is NOT the norm) to elevate your health, your body and your consciousness.  I also deliver real nutrition and health education so you can end confusion about what to eat and how to be healthy.  

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The success of your cleanse depends on the effectiveness of the products you use, and I only deliver the best.

QUALITY  –  We use only organic or wild-crafted (found in their natural habitat) ingredients from trusted farmers and include raw herbs where appropriate.  Our herbs are never sprayed (yes, even organic herbs are sprayed after certification) and every batch of products is hand sifted to ensure herbs meet botanical specifications.

POTENCY  –  We individually extract our herbs rather than collectively, capturing the maximum medicinal and energetic value.  Most products extract herbs together with low grade alcohol to save on cost and labor.  You can think of it like getting diluted products.

Each herb has a specific alchemy with the carrying agents so we capitalize on this to get the full utility of the ingredient. Unlike powders and pills, liquid herbal extracts save the vitality of the plant so they maintain their effectiveness over time.

PURITY  – Our products are free of binders, fillers, additives, sweetners and any “other” ingredients. Each batch is 3rd party tested for heavy metals, aflotoxin, arsenic, e.coli and microbacteria.  Sadly, most cleanses do not take this extra step.

ABSORPTION  –  In order for any cleanse to work, the ingredients in the products have to be in a form your body can absorb.  Our liquid herbal formulas are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream because there is nothing for your body to break down.  That means you experience maximum utility and effectiveness.  The formulas go to work instantly.

21 Cleanse is a therapeutic grade full body herbal cleanse system to purify the body at the cellular level.  It combines my proprietary blend organic herbal supplements, superfoods and food grade vitamins with a step by step, plant based nutrition and wellness plan so you can rid your body of toxins.  This is the first step to create empowering health and make positive, plant based food choices.


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